What? A MOVING Clock!?

But seriously… have you ever seen a clock that moves like ours?

You should know by now, that NeXtime is constantly fascinated by how talented and innovative our designer team can be!

Now yet another irresistible clock has been created, by this awesome 3D artist – Zoltan B. Kecskeméti. Read more about him below.

Here’s a little sneak peak of the Motion Clock:


Let us walk you through this new concept:

  1. It’s a clock moving in circular motion with moire effect
  2. This created some pretty amazing results
  3. It’s fun, perfect for gifts, and still practical!

Look this way if you’re a hopeless romantic


The heart beats the same no matter how much time passes by. Perfect option as a gift to any loved ones in your life, or hang at home. For every second passed by, is the second of life that can never return.


Is that a superstar I’m looking at




Catch a gleaming and glittering star for anyone who deserves to be a star, including yourself! Let this NeXtime clock be a constant reminder of believing in yourself and always strive for the better, because you are the star.


Oh yes, the evergreen classic… with a twist!


If it’s always a struggle to choose between Roman numbers or Arabic numbers, now you can have both at the same time. Opting for something fun and unique, yet still a classic, then this is the one to be.

Coming in Autumn 2016!



More about the designer – Zoltan B. Kecskeméti


Zoltan B. Kecskeméti

Zoltan B. Kecskeméti was born in Hungary, and has been working as a 3D artist on video games and animated movies since 2000.
He uses his spare time to realize his own ideas and to visualize his plans, like the Motion clock.
It started with an idea, then he created a prototype and uploaded a video to Youtube. NeXtime saw the video and they have been working together ever since.


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