The Magical “Ting”!

NeXtime had always been very creative to make our clocks even more unique, so that it really blends into the interior to compliments the house, rather than just a simple time-telling machine.

We introduced our little magical lamp before.


No not this one..


This one!

But we figured out not everyone likes to ADD something extra, so 2 geniuses in NeXtime, invented Ting.

Imagine if lamp and clock have a baby, then that’s Ting.


Clear index and hands as a clock, light enough to be a lamp, how perfect!

Oh wait, is it too light for you?


Fear not! It’s DIMMABLE!

NeXtime is always so detailed and considerate for our customers, because we listen to you, and promise to make the best product for everyone.

Yes, you shall have my permission to fall in love with NeXtime. But first, follow us on bloglovin 😉

Have a nice day and see you NeXtime!


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