Speaking of Eco-friendly…

Let’s talk about something a little more serious, our environment.

This world is shared by all of us, and we have the responsibility to mend what we have done wrong.

In NeXtime, we understand the importance of environmental sustainability, because we really appreciate the calm and peaceful feeling from the nature and the trees, and truly cherish this precious treasure from our mother nature.

Dedicated to our environment and all you eco-friendly people out there…


The Wood Wood collection is inspired and made from sustainably-harvested wood. The entire clock, including the hands are all made of wood. Which is what gives each of the clock face a unique wood grain, and theĀ  unusual charisma of their own.


Left: Wood Wood Big (Grey) / Right: Wood Wood Small (White)


The clock design radiates the sophisticated wooden texture with clean lines and numerals, endowed it the spare elegance and a touch of ease with the silent quartz movement. Available in small / medium / big, and 3 colors: White / Grey / Wood



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