Short Tour of Art

A foreigner or local, art-fanatics or beginners, busy or free…

Let NeXtime be your guide, tour you around some world-known artworks from 3 different museums in Europe. Our first stop is from the Netherlands, where NeXtime is originated.




All the way back to 1800, Rijksmuseum is one of the biggest and oldest museum in Europe, and perhaps the world. The building you see now, was actually put into use in 1885, impressive isn’t it?

Soak up the Dutch essence, with the famous Dutch painter, Willem van de Velde (II), and his work with the Dutch warship.


The Shot

Do you see this Dutch warship firing a cannon shot in a calm with its sails loosed? This scene remains its tranquility yet contrasts starkly with the warship, reminds us the chaos and serenity in life.

Whether you’re a art-lover or not, there’s one Dutch legendary artist you must know of. Exactly because the square named after him, is where the exciting Amsterdam nightlife is!

Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn3184


This monochrome piece involves a delicately detailed engrave and the subtle shades gave the fine visual satisfaction be the perfect touch to your classsic interior design.

Okay. Off to Paris, France.

Musèe du Louvre


Not only is it the largest museum ever, the spectacular architecture of the Louvre itself is absolutely breath-taking. Make sure  you plan at least 1 whole day there, to fully enjoy its atmosphere and all the artwork you can only dream to see.

Jacques-Louis David was very influential in his style of painting, the Neoclassical, he’s regarded as preeminent painter of the era.


Portrait of Mrs. Sèriziat

This painting of Madame Sèriziat and her little boy was done when David visited his wife’s sister (that’s Mrs.Sèriziat) and her husband. She just returned from a walk when this painting was conducted, you can see the healthy glow and natural happiness from her face, and it will always remind you to have a good day.

Wrapping this trip with London, England.

The National Gallery


Exhibiting over 2000 famous paintings and located in the heart of London, the National Gallery truly is the best way to end this little European art museum tour with.


Scene on Ice near Town

Though the location of this scene is more or less imaginary, it has been suggested that the town is Kampen, where the artist of this work, Hendrick Avercamp, once lived and worked. This icy wonderland really is the best way to welcome winter.

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