Late No More

It’s 2016, can you believe people are still manually adjusting their clock?

I mean, they are literally checking the time from another clock, just to set the time on this clock.



Well well well, not NeXtime clocks for sure, because we have something called “Radio Controlled”.

“What on earth is radio controlled?” you asked.

It’s a pixie dust that will makes your clock be forever on time…

Okay but seriously, pixie dust NO, always on time YES.


The concept is easy:

If the clock is radio controlled, it will automatically detect and recieve signals, adjusting itself to the correct time, following a specific schedule that differs depending on the time zone you locate in. And because it will repeats this step multiple times daily, you will have a clock that’s ALWAYS ON TIME.


Who cares if the clock is late, would be an apocalypse if it’s early! Waking up before the actual time is the worst! Imagine that extra minute you could’ve slept!


Square AlarmBlack RC

These two little precious thing will be the best alarm you owned, thank me later 😉

Radio Controlled function works in 4 time zones (daylight savings included), 2 alarms, LED backlight, snooze. You can bring it anywhere in the world and it will still be on time.WTF.

You think that’s it?

Being one of the best clock manufacturer in the world, who would we be if we don’t make awesome station clocks.

Station Numbers / Stripes RC

Big indications and accurate time, you can’t be late even if you want to be.

If you are confused and amazed at the same time, of how can an anologue clock automatically adjust itself, check out the below video.

Screen shot 2016-08-18 at 14.23.34


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